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DevOps Engineer
  • 5-8 Years
  • Hyderabad (Work from Home till pandamic)
  • Feb 04,2023 21:30:15
  • Job Title:  DevOps Engineer
  • Position Type:  FullTime
  • Experience:  5 - 8 Years
  • Location Hyderabad (Work from Home till pandamic)
  • Job Status Active
Job Description:
  • Qualifications/Requirements
    5-8 years of experience
    Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Technology or Engineering, with a successful DevOps professional experience.
    More than qualifications below, what matters is mindset!
    Strong advocate of DevOps best practices.
    Strong collaboration, leadership and influencing skills to drive transformation.
    Excellent oral and written communication skills to document and help in decision process.
    Experience with CI/CD tools e.g. Jenkins, Azure DevOps.
    Experience with Linux and at least one scripting/programming language e.g. Python.
    Experience with Git and SCM branching strategies.
    Preferred experience with at least one cloud environment e.g. Azure, AWS.
    Preferred experience with virtualization, containers e.g. Hypervisor, Docker, Kubernetes.
    Preferred experience with Infrastructure-as-Code e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef.
    Preferred experience with code scanners, SAST, DAST e.g. SonarQube, WhiteSource, Rapid 7.
    Preferred experience with Agile software development, project management methodologies.
    Preferred knowledge of FW and SoC development e.g. embedded C++, ARM arch.
    Preferred knowledge of test automation frameworks e.g. Cucumber, TestComplete.

  • Essential Responsibilities
    Contribute to DevOps Platform architecture and influence DevOps roadmap: application and infrastructure planning, testing and development.
    Work closely with product teams to find the right tradeoff between the business-specific needs and state-of-the-art CI/CD best practices.
    Execute and automate operational processes fast, accurately and securely. Provide solutions to increase visualization, reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience.
    Contribute to the creation and application of guidelines for consistent and consolidated approaches.
    Act as a mentor for the product teams and for DevOps junior peers.
    Advocate DevOps and follow-up on priorities and DevOps maturity/KPIs of product teams.
    Work on Agile User Stories outcome-based deliverables using Agile methodology and value streams.
    Be proactive and spawn temporary working groups for specific topics.
    Collaborate with peers in all GE Renewable Energy businesses around the globe.
    Preferred knowledge of monitoring systems e.g. Prometheus, Splunk